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'France must move forward': Govt imposes controversial labor reform ...

Article 49.3 of the French constitution has been used fewer than 90 times since its inception in 1958, and was previously applied by the current .

Hollande, Valls, Macron and Article 49-3: France Tries Harder to ...

French countrywide local elections will occur next week in which president François Hollande risks another disavowal by the people. Marine Le Pen's nati.

French labour reforms: Government to force plan through - BBC News

An extraordinary cabinet meeting invoked the French constitution's rarely used Article 49.3, allowing the government to bypass parliament.

Article 49 of the French Constitution - Wikipedia

Article 49 of the French Constitution is an article of the French Constitution, the fundamental law ... Its bestknown provision is the third paragraph (article 49.3), which allow the government to force passage of a bill without a vote unless the .

L'article 49.3 : comment ça marche? |

Manuel Valls a décidé, mardi 10 mai 2016, d'engager la responsabilité du Gouvernement sur le vote du projet de loi Travail, conformément à .

Qu'est-ce que l'article 49.3 ? - Le Monde

Pour faire passer la loi travail, le gouvernement recourt de nouveau à cet article de la Constitution. En quoi consistetil précisément ?

Passing Laws without a Vote: the French Labour Reform and Art. 49 ...

Article 493 of the 1958 Constitution reads that the Government may ... Les violences institutionnelles réciproques, 49.3 et défiance, sont .

Fresh protests in France as govt bypasses parliament again to push ...

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls delivers a speech to use the article 49.3, a special clause in the Constitution to bypass parliamentary .

49.3, French politics' imperfect number | Euronews

But for the French government at the moment compromise on the contentious ... It has invoked Article 49.3 of the Constitution, allowing the .

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