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We were wrong, terribly wrong. We owe it to future generations to explain why. — McNamara, writing in his 1995 memoir, In Retrospect, on the management of .

Robert S. McNamara dies at 93; architect of the Vietnam War - LA ...

Driven, cerebral and pugnacious, Robert S. McNamara was the preeminent policymaker behind the massive buildup of American forces in .

Robert S. McNamara and the Real Tonkin Gulf Deception

The real deception on that day was that Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara's misled LBJ by withholding from him the information that .

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Robert S. McNamara, in full Robert Strange McNamara (born June 9, 1916, San Francisco, Calif., U.S.—died July 6, 2009, Washington, D.C.), U.S. secretary of .

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Synopsis. Robert S. McNamara was an American business executive and the eighth U.S. secretary of defense, serving under presidents John F. Kennedy and  .

Robert S. McNamara, Architect of a Futile War, Dies at 93 - Obituary ...

Robert S. McNamara, the forceful and cerebral defense secretary who helped lead the nation into the maelstrom of Vietnam and spent the rest .

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Robert S. McNamara, 93, the former secretary of defense whose record as a leading executive of industry and chieftain of foreign financial aid .

The Wrong Kind of Loyalty -- McNamara's Apology for Vietnam

In taking the war upon himself, Robert S. McNamara forgets that containment abroad and anticommunism at home virtually ensured the Vietnam tragedy.

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Robert Strange McNamara (June 9, 1916 – July 6, 2009) was an American business executive ..... The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara is a 2003 Errol Morris documentary consisting mostly of interviews with .

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